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Member Spotlight - Member of the Month - Kevin R. 

Congratulations to Kevin for achieving member of the month for January!

Kevin came to the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps with purpose and enthusiasm. Recently, Kevin celebrated his one year anniversary of membership within the corps. He joined us in January of 2020. As a New York State certified EMT, and a Corps certified Driver, Kevin's quest of development has not halted. He is one of our most engaged and dedicated members, as you can always find him picking up extra shifts, covering department standbys, and serving on committees; all as a dedicated volunteer member of the Corps.

Membership is multifaceted to Kevin. It allows him to build his confidence and test his leadership skills in the field, and gives him a strong sense of community. He cites this development as helping him manage the most critical alarms he has served on. CVAC has given him opportunities to impart his knowledge unto newer members, and absorb knowledge from seasoned members. Community is also an important aspect to membership, and means a great deal to Kevin. Kevin loves having a place that is isolated from other stressors in life, and he loves to relax, meet new people, and tell stories within our CVAC community that is outside of the daily track of normal life.

Kevin is one member where the term development is important to him. One of his most personally important mantras in life is the dissemination of knowledge and skills. Kevin is one who shares knowledge and skills, but also seeks to develop his own. Kevin has developed his administrative knowledge, serving on the Crew Assignment Committee, where he helps other members with their hourly requirements and fixing their time-cards, and he has helped to impart his skill and knowledge on our newest cohort of members by serving on the Probationary Member Committee. He is able to help them develop life-saving critical skills and knowledge, and help guide our newer members in the right direction. He is extremely passionate about being a member of both of these important committees!

One of Kevin's most important moments at CVAC occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was excited to be a part of the membership that was able to help put together and participate in a "drive-by" parade. The parade was for a local child within our community who is developmentally disabled. The most important aspect of this for Kevin was being able to come together for the community, and give back to the community during a life-changing event. He was proud to be a part of the group of members who were able to execute the task quickly and efficiently for our community. Kevin loved to be able to give some hope to a local child during the pandemic.

Kevin, we are all super proud of you for achieving Member of the Month for January. In only one year, you have made a huge impact at the Corps. You always do more than what is required, and you take an active part in building the future of the Corps. Because of this, you continue to impart your knowledge on others, and learn new things, not letting yourself get held back. You have a great future ahead of yourself at the Corps, because of your passion, skills, and knowledge. Thank you for what you do every single day, because it always ends in a positive impact on a patient, our members, and our community. - 2-16-33


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