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Member Spotlight – Member of the Month – Justina G.

Congratulations to Justina for achieving member of the month for December!

Justina or “J” as she is known by her close circle of friends, is a newcomer to Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps. She joined us in January of 2020 and is celebrating her first year of membership as a member of the Corps! She became an Emergency Medical Technician at the age of 17 and has quickly made a positive impact on the Corps. She is passionate about community service, and has become a leader within the Corps, currently a Captain of the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps Youth Squad, leading a cohort of 20 youth-members. She is extremely active, and you can find her always picking up extra EMT shifts, going on standbys, or educating the newer youth membership.

Justina’s favorite aspect about membership is the inspiration she is surrounded with. She said that every member that she has encountered at CVAC has and continues to inspire her with their knowledge, stories, and advice. Because of these special encounters, Justina realized that the medical field was something that she wished to pursue, and thus has committed to the Adelphi Nursing Class of 2025. She sees medicine in her future.

Justina learned many things from being a member of the Corps. She learned the importance of maintaining a balance for her busy life. As a full time student, employee, and volunteer, the art of balance was something she picked up quickly. Critical decision making, and life-saving skills were also learned. In her own words, she stated that “CVAC has made me feel like I have become a part of a family. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help. Not once have I come across a member who was not willing to help or teach me what I needed to know. Everyone, especially those on my normal Saturday shift have been so helpful to me. They taught me how to improve my skills, taught me medicine, and gave me some amazing life advice”.

A special moment that Justina had at CVAC was her very first call riding as an EMT. She said she was nervous and scared that she was going to be on her own. The driver (you know who you are!) knew it was her very first night riding as a cleared EMT, and offered her some great advice, and promised he would not leave her alone. He told Justina that “you will never be alone and will always have someone to look to for guidance”. This moment is something that Justina said she will never forget.

Congratulations on becoming member of the month for December, Justina! You have come a long way in such a short amount of time at the Corps, and have made a HUGE impact on our community, our membership, and your very own future. You have a bright future in medicine ahead of yourself, and by starting early, and constant learning, you have given yourself an edge in the continued practice of medicine, learning, and development. We are all proud of the work you do now, and the work you will do in the future! – 2-16-33


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