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January Member of the Month!

Every month we recognize a member for the above and beyond dedication to the ambulance corps and the Commack Community.

January 2022 we recognize a member who has always put his heart into the community whether it be for the City of New York or the Commack Community. This member was assigned to FDNY in 1984. He got assigned to Engine 231 and was later assigned to Ladder Company 120. This member was a fireman during September 11th and was part of any relief efforts in the aftermath of 9/11. He is an Ex-Chief of the Commack Fire Department and a valuable member of the Commack Fire Department and Commack Ambulance. We recognize member Larry Schneckenburger for the month of January. You will see Larry picking up (2) two steady shifts a week. He is a staple on Monday nights and Friday mornings. Larry is always smiling and teaching our members the family aspect of the Fire/EMS service. A big family man himself, he makes sure that all the youth understand respect, love, and care for each other and what we do for the community.

Larry joined the ambulance corps in November of 2011 and was recently recognized at our annual installation dinner for his 10 + years of service with us. Larry expressed his love for his community and being a member of the ambulance service. He was employed as a district employee of Commack Ambulance years ago and he saw firsthand the true dedication of so many people wanting to help the community. He recalls the ambulance corps being there for his family and himself and he felt that joining the ambulance corps was a way of saying thank you. He enjoys riding with everyone and he treats everyone as if they were a member of his own family because he really believes that we are one gigantic family. He expresses to our members daily that being a member of the Fire Department, Ambulance Corps, retired FDNY fireman, and a county coordinator and having two sons in the fire service too that life is good and most importantly he recognizes he has supporting family inside the fire service as well as outside.

Larry was doing a little reminiscing about the ambulance corps and Larry recalls years ago when he was working at the ambulance corps he was placed in intense situations. He remembers having to give family CPR instructions over the phone to a wife whose husband was having a heart attack. He also recalls that he had to dispatch during our annual installation dinner and had 15 calls while dispatching. While dispatching those 15 calls the ambulance was involved in an accident and had flipped over with the driver and an attendant still inside. Larry to say the least had a very intense night and he still remembers it like it was yesterday. He also remembers the enjoyment and joy he felt when he was recognized as the member of the year.

As Larry looked back at some of the memories he has in his lifetime of serving his community he realized that there was so much to look back at and appreciate. He was always taught to just do the job that you were taught to do and the good Lord gave him those tools.

Congratulations Larry for being recognized as January’s Member of the Month. We appreciate your dedication, sacrifice, friendship, smiles, stories and we thank you for your service.

Laura Riccio

3rd Asssitant Chief


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