In order to log into GCN, Please use the following information:

  1. GCN Training is now open and below is a step by step on how to access your training. 

    1. Go to

    2. Click Login

    3. Existing user

  2. Enter the organization ID: 131058c 

  3. Please enter your PERSONAL ID:
    (Usually it is your first initial of your first name and your complete last name) 

  4. If you do not know your ID then click the button below that says: ”I do not know my personal ID: and then enter in the follow information, your email will be your Commack Ambulance email.

  5. Verify your information and click submit 

  6. Click "yes" for Do you see your video yet successful
    -The GCNTraining works best on google chrome. Safari tends to have issues if you have a macbook. 

  7. The required tutorials will be seen on your left hand side