Member Spotlight - Paul G.
By Chief Joseph Vollers
March 22, 2020

Member Spotlight - February Member of the Month - Paul G.

Congratulations to Paul G. for achieving member of the month for the month of February!

Paul joined Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps in February of 2018. In a short period of time, Paul has become an emergency driver and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B). Paul cites his time at CVAC as a rewarding and challenging experience. Paul had learned a great deal about the department, our operations, and medicine. He joined at 49 years old, never letting his age become a roadblock in providing medical care or developing himself into what he needed to be to provide emergency lifesaving care. Paul loves to come out to help his community, and experience situations he'd never see as a regular member of our community. In his words, he was never a "medical person", but has quickly adapted and overcome the challenges that come with the intense learning and development that is required of a member of Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps. You can often find Paul covering our critical shift openings, or standbys.

Congratulations to Paul for earning the honor of being our second member of the month, and our second in our series of member spotlights!

Thank you for everything you do Paul! Your brother would be proud of the great work you are doing! He can see, as we do that you truly model our mission of "neighbors helping neighbors"! - 33